Friday, February 09, 2007

Project Report 2/8/2007


Event: Tornados
Project Type: Short Term Response / Immediate Disaster Relief
Project Dates: 2/2/2007 – 2/6/2007
Location: Lady Lake, Florida

In the early hours of 2/2/2007 Central Florida was struck by several tornados that killed 20 people and caused localized damage in four counties. Persevere volunteers (4) toured each area before establishing camp in the town of Lady Lake to help with tree and debris removal.

We cleared trees and debris from road ways and off of and out of trailers and houses. Persevere volunteers also helped secure tarps in place of missing roofs, take down damaged car ports and repair interior walls.

Persevere’s response was an all around success. We were able to learn a great deal in terms of responding immediately after a disaster and how to plug into the chaotic early stages of a relief effort. In total we provided help to 25, mainly elderly, households.

Persevere volunteers welcomed the help of volunteers from Hands On Gulf Coast and Hands On New Orleans (both affiliates of Hands On Network/HON). Persevere’s experienced tree team cut while the HON volunteers hauled. We also worked alongside the Lady Lake Sheriff’s Department and their teams of Lady Lake inmates that were helping clear debris from the streets and from around residences.

By the Numbers:

Volunteer Hours: 280

Project Expenses (fuel, meals, supplies): $411.00

Total Value of Donated Labor: $5,600.00

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