Friday, February 02, 2007

Holiday break brings volunteers

From Dec. 26th to mid-January Persevere hosted over 60 volunteers.

Church of the Nativity volunteers from the Baltimore area came down immediately after Christmas and spent their holiday break serving the people of the Gulf Coast. With an experienced drywaller on their team the Maryland group finished the drywall on a newly constructed house. A demolition crew took down a condemned house, leaving just the plywood layer of floor, and salvaged wood from the house for the homeowners' use in rebuilding.

Two groups from Boston College - one from the Intersections program and another supported by UGBC, VLSC and Campus Ministry - followed the Maryland group to continue work on these projects. Part of the BC team continued working with Rebecca and David, homeowners of the newly constructed house, moving ahead with siding. BC volunteers finished the demolition job, salvaging the rest of the wood. Other projects including drywall, a neighborhood debris clean-up and interior and exterior painting were also tackled by BC.

Though most members of these three groups never even overlapped work days with the others, the collaborative effort of the three was inmense. It is estimated that these groups brought Rebecca and David months forward in the recovery process, since without the volunteers they forge along on their own in time off. Along with labor costs saved to the homeowner of the demolition job, thousands of dollars worth of lumber was salvaged for rebuilding.

Thank you all for your hard work!!

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