Saturday, December 02, 2006

Persevere hosts New Jersy PAL volunteers

Persevere recently hosted a hardworking enthusiastic group of 21 youth and adults from Howell, New Jersey. The Howell volunteers are members of PAL’s Howell, NJ chapter. PAL or The Police Athletic League works to improve relations between police officers and youth through various activities. The PAL/Persevere volunteers helped with the construction of the Randy’s Rangers new volunteer camp. Their contribution of time and energy will ensure the success of both other volunteers in the future and the survivors they touch. Their actions will reverberate for years to come!

To learn more about PAL visit their website

Persevere Helping Construct New Volunteer Camp

Persevere volunteers are in the midst of helping construct Randy’s Rangers new volunteer camp. Randy’s Rangers is a fellow disaster relief organization in Pass Christian. Once completed the new camp will be able to house and feed 80+ volunteers at one time.

To learn more about Randy’s Rangers visit their website

Persevere renews partnership with West Seneca Americorps

Persevere and The West Seneca, NY Americorps have renewed their partnership in supporting volunteers and their efforts in post Katrina recovery. West Seneca Americorps members are part of the “Americorps Gulf Coast Recovery Team.” West Seneca provides vital resources to some of Persevere's fulltime volunteers and continues to be a major catalyst for change in areas like Bay St. Louis, Waveland and Pass Christian Mississippi. Persevere thanks our friends from the West Seneca team for all of their support.

For more information about The West Seneca Americorps program visit their website

An Eco-Friendlier Persevere

Persevere is set to begin using a more environmentally friendly bar and chain oil in all of its chainsaws. Persevere has ordered 17 gallons of Stihl’s BioPlus bar and chain oil. BioPlus consists of a vegetable oil base making it less harmful to humans, animals, micro-organisms and plants. BioPlus is also rated to be 93.8% biodegradable in only 21 days. The increased flow characteristics of using a bio-based lubricant will allow Persevere to dramatically reduce its’ overall use of bar and chain oil. The oil pumps built into each chainsaw can be adjusted to use less oil while still maintaining proper lubrication.

Persevere has also taken other steps to be more in tune with mother nature including using interior and exterior solar powered lights to illuminate our tool and equipment sheds.

For more information about Persevere’s commitment to the environment contact us at: