Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Webex - Databases

Persevere is running databases developed using Webex's Weboffice program to keep track of volunteers and work orders. Weboffice allows us real-time access to the status of a project and is proving to be an extremely helpful and high tech disaster relief tool.

Persevere Tool Bank

Starting Monday July17th Persevere will have a small community tool bank available to residents and volunteer groups working in the area. For more information please email : or call 228-533-2116


June 10, 2006

Our heavy equipment has arrived! Persevere now has a borrowed backhoe and a bulldozer assisting in the Katrina Relief effort. The equipment was shipped down from NH with the help of Hands On Disaster Response (formerly Hands On USA).

The equipment's first order of business will be to assist Kaboom and the Hands on Network prepare John Henry Beck Park in East Biloxi for renovation.

This heavy equipment sets Persevere apart from most relief groups who do not have this type of machinery at their disposal.

The machines come with high maintenance and fuel costs. Donations to help defray the cost of maintaining the machine are much appreciated.

Over the next year the Persevere backhoe and bulldozer will be involved with many types of projects including:

Clearing land for rebuilding


Stump removal

Grading lots

Linking water and sewer lines to new and existing homes

Playground construction

These machines will provide residents with services that would normally run them bills for hundreds of dollars - free of charge

check out our photogallery to see the machines in action:

D-Day June 6, 2006

I'll see you on the beach... June 6th 2006 marked Persevere's launch of fulltime operations along the GC. We will be here for at least the next year. Between February and June of this year we completed numerous small projects while laying the foundation for Persevere's sustained Katrina Relief effort. Our home base, located in Pass Christian, is nearly complete with some cosmetic work still needing to be done.

In the early hours of June 6th, on the 62nd anniversary of allied invasion at
Normandy, we took our ceremonial walk up the beach. Team Persevere’s “storming of the beach” symbolized the start of our year long mission to help the people of coastal Mississippi recover and rebuild.